Chocowinity is located in Beaufort County, North Carolina about 3 miles south of Washington, North Carolina. Once
known as Godley's Cross Roads, shortly before the Revolutionary War it was changed to Chocawanateth. According
to historians, the name is derived from the Tuscaroran Indians who lived here several hundred years ago. Rev. N.C.
Hughes, Jr. traced the name to Chocawanteth Creek, now spelled Chocowinity Creek.

The meaning behind the name Chocowinity has been a mystery for many years, but in 1928, encamped on the banks
of the Edisto River, Rev. Hughes met a well-educated Indian. While talking with this man, Rev. Hughes mentioned that
he was from a small village with an Indian name. Rev. Hughes pronounced the name Chocowinity and also spelled its
former name of Chocawanteth. The Indian thought for a moment and told Rev. Hughes that the word means FISH
FROM MANY WATERS. Rev. Hughes was reminded of the many waters associated with the Chocowinity Creek and
Chocowinity Bay as well as the Pamlico River and all the different fish that had been caught in the waters. In 1912,
with Rev. N.C. Hughes, Jr. as mayor and magistrate Chocowinity was incorporated. He was mayor for 6 years and
was responsible for recording the boundary lines for the town: On the north by Tar and Pamlico; on the east by
Aurora some eight or ten miles from home- the cross roads; on the south by the Craven County lines; and on the
west by the Pitt County line. In 1959, the General Assembly on North Carolina submitted an act to amend House Bill
475 entitled An Act to Incorporate the Town of Chocowinity in Beaufort County. It was ratified on April 23, 1959

Lacy Edwards was one of the first policemen of the local community. Shortly after 1959, Robert Elks served as the
policeman. Originally the police department had very little to do since there were fewer inhabitants. Through the
years the department has added many responsibilities, including traffic accidents, criminal investigations, speeding,
and other criminal activity. The department now has 2 full-time officers, 3 part-time officer, and 4 auxiliary officers.

Up until 1993 the building that housed the town clerks office also housed the police department, the fire department,
and the water department. Since then the town has grown and we have been able to build a Municipal  Building on
Hwy 17S, a new Fire Dept. building on Hwy 33E, and a new Police Dept. on Hwy 17S.  

While the town has added many new businesses in the last 10 years, there are several that have been here since
the town was incorporated in 1959. One of them is the Choco Convenient Mart. The Mart is a small brick building,
with 2 older model gas pumps. It was first established in the early 1950’s and operated under the name of Choco
Shell Station. When it first opened it was a full-service station. Around 1965, Jack Mayo converted the station into a
convenience store. Mr. M. L. Dunbar is the current owner. Another business that has been around for over 30 years
is the off-white cement brick building that is home to the Chocowinity Cleaners. Charles Fuller started the business in
1951. It was sold to James (Mayor of Chocowinity) and Margaret Mobley. In 1967, the business was turned over to
their son, James H. Mobley, Jr., and his wife, Judy. The business is still in its original location.

Harold's Barber Shop has also been a fixture in the community for many years. Located on Highway 33, and recently
moved to an addition on Mr. Michael Buzzeo's house next to the Villagio Café Restaurant.

W. R. Roberson, Jr., established the WITN-TV Station on September 28, 1955. The Roberson family operated the
television station until 1985 when it was sold to AFLAC, an insurance company based in Columbus, Georgia. The
current vice-president and general manager of the news station is Mike Weeks. With new businesses popping up,
there are many subdivisions growing as well.

One such development is Cypress Corner which seems to be growing every day. The plan is to have 130 homes.
The largest development is Cypress Landing. Cypress Landing is home to over 600 residents. There are numerous
amenities offered by Cypress Landing, including an 18-hole championship golf course, a marina, The Bay Club, a
community center, a fitness center, a tennis court, and several nature trails. Cypress Landing was recently named
one of the Top 20 Communities in the United States by New Choices magazine.

During the summer when it is hot and sticky, you can go to the Recreation Park and there are baseball games and
softball games that you can go watch and cool down with some refreshments. Kids can also play on the playground
or walk around the trail surrounding the park for some good exercise.

A short walk down Hwy 33 leads to the terracotta building, also known as the Winfield Building. In the building you will
find Terry's Place. Terry's Place is a small gift shop where you can find a little of everything. They have purses, all
sorts of figurines including dolphins, lighthouses, frogs, and horses. You can also find wind chimes and seasonal
flags. The Winfield building also houses Salon 33, Brenda's Florist and New Directions FWB Church, and El Sol.

In Chocowinity there are many food choices. The fast-food choices are Hardee’s and Burger King. Then there’s
Woogie's, Fox's Pizza, Andy's Cheeseburgers & Cheesesteaks, and the Café Duo.

There are other things to do in Chocowinity other than shop and eat. How about the Extreme Skate Park which was
recently remodeled. The park offers a place to roller skate and have great family fun. There's a snack bar and skate
rentals for those who don't have their own skates.

Twin Lakes Campground is just a short drive out of the town limits. Twin Lakes has been open for over 25 years.
There you can go RV Camping or stay in cabins or cottages. Twin Lakes has a game room, a pool, 2 lakes, and a
playground. They also have clowns there for the children along with train rides. There are many events to enjoy
throughout the summer while staying at the campground.

Now the town is growing even more. There are more new businesses everyday. There are also plans of an industrial
park just outside the town limits on Hwy 17S heading toward Vanceboro.
Chocowinity Then & Now

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